Hello Mozilla!

Hey everyone, I’m David, an IT/Ops Tools intern at Mozilla this summer. I will be entering my senior year (wow, those first three went by fast) at Stanford University in the fall and am looking forward to RA-ing in Gavilan (woo)!

Anyway, I am finishing up my second week here and having an amazing time so far! I have been working on the Mozilla Status Dashboard. Think something similar to Google’s Apps Status Dashboard and Amazon’s Web Services Dashboard.

I think services, especially web services, are increasingly putting an emphasis on transparency – when something’s wrong, they want their users to know what’s going on. In this day and age, nothing should be a black box anymore – making information available and easily accessible to users both makes IT’s job easier as well as acknowledges that users are intelligent and web-savvy. In that vein, Mozilla is really in a special situation with its relationship to the community and open source developers that allows us to share things that most corporations would not.

With that in mind, I present the initial mockup for the Mozilla Status Dashboard, which temporarily lives at http://mozdash.doesntexist.com/. Just to be clear, it’s currently hooked up to DUMMY DATA and does not represent the actual current status of these services, with the exception of the response time charts for http://addons.mozilla.org and http://www.mozilla.com. In the spirit of being open, I warmly welcome any feedback that anyone has for this project – what status information about Mozilla services would you like to see? What would be useful to as part of the Mozilla community? When we’re constantly being inundated with information from Facebook, Twitter, and RSS feeds, at what point does too much of a good thing (information) become a burden? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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